All photography provided by and property of Kerrie Beckett.

We are the first and only rescue dedicated solely to the preservation and safety of the critically endangered American Cream Draft Horse.


Our Mission

MerEquus Equine Rescue and Sanctuary (MEERS) is a Maine-based 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the preservation of the American Cream Draft Horse (ACDH or Creams), promoting and securing their safety and well-being from unfortunate circumstances that put them at risk. Due to the rare and unique status of this equine breed, MEERS reaches nationwide to protect ACDHs in need. MEERS promotes, supports, and fosters ACDH adoption and placement in carefully selected and appropriate forever homes. Some horses, however, may remain with us forever at MEERS sanctuary. MEERS offers our services to help ACDH owners in need, as well as helps owners place Creams as an alternative to sending them to auctions and into unknown situations.

Every Cream is critical to the survival of this breed, every Cream matters.

The world is a better place having the American Cream Draft Horse in it, and I have become a better human being having the Creams in my life.

Some of our goals

  • To promote and secure the safety and well-being of ACDHs and animals at risk.
  • To promote, support and foster adoption in good and appropriate homes, when and where available.
  • To provide a safe and enriching home if they that cannot be placed outside the facility, remaining at the Sanctuary as their forever home.
  • To promote all disciplines for the ACDH breed, including but not limited to, use as field workhorses, commercial horses, riding, driving, and so on
  • To facilitate education and national advocacy for the breed.
  • To network with other rescues and organizations to provide shelter, food, veterinary care, training, rehabilitation and sanctuary to animals in need.