Annual ACDHA Meeting and Picnic is in Maine in July, 2018

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Attention!! ACDHA Members and Cream Lovers!

The annual ACDHA meeting will be in Poland, Maine this year (2018)!! We will be hosting an old-fashioned picnic in conjunction with the Annual American Cream Draft Horse Association (ACDHA) meeting this year. We are thrilled to be hosting the meeting and have Association members and family from all over join us in Vacationland-Maine! The following day (after the meeting), we will have an old-fashioned picnic, farmers market here at MEERS farm! We are so excited to have the opportunity to have Cream lovers here so that everyone can socialize, love on the horses, enjoy LOTS of amazing food and drink, and relax in the beautiful summer of Maine! If you are interested in joining us, please contact us via email ( or on Facebook at either MerEquus Farm or MerEquus Equine Rescue. 

We will have an auction (to raise funds for the rescue), a raffle, door/barn prizes, and more!! 

For more information, please contact me! Thank you, Kerrie

Thank you Carole and Richard Whelan

A HUGE Thank you to Carole and Richard for a beautiful donation of an antique 1906 Rockaway Carriage! MEERS will honor this carriage, it is a lovely vehicle. Currently, it is tucked away in the carriage barn until after the winter months. We are definitely looking forward to the day a Cream is hooked in and driving it on a beautiful spring day. Thank you, MEERS         (August 2017) 

Ivy Update! Where does the time go..?

Ivy taking a stroll in the hayfield - November 2016

Ivy taking a stroll in the hayfield - November 2016

Ivy continued her journey and made the final leg to Maine in October 2016. The Engels, where she was being fostered, were kind enough to haul her on this final leg. She seemed to settle quickly, and has since called MerEquus home. We put Ivy in with our old mare Violet, and they quickly became friends. Ivy is putting on weight, becoming more trusting, in the way when cleaning (always in your pocket), follows you when in her paddock, and LOVES scratches. We think Ivy has become a True Cream once again!

Do We Know Who Idaho Ivy Is?

We may have an idea who Idaho Ivy actually is! This is a photo of Goldie (thanks, Carol) and we believe she is the dam of our rescue mare Idaho Ivy! We have worked hard trying to identify her, and thanks to Sue Lynne Engel for noticing a brand on her RH, and Carol Pshigoda for all the Cream history - we may have finally done just that!! We have done a LOT of detective work, found a lot of details, and put a lot of the links together to form a story that really fits Ivy's possible life story. Thanks to everyone for their help!

Idaho Ivy Arrived in Michigan Today

Warhorse Ranch Transport (Tony) picked up Idaho Ivy on Sunday (17 April, 2016) and started on a journey across country. I set up emergency layover stops (Cream members) along the way just in case something happens again. Ivy will be making an extended stay in Michigan with the Engels (thanks to Sue and Larry, we cannot thank you enough!) in order to rest up for her final leg of the journey. They JUST arrived around 6:30 pm Wednesday. Please send good wishes for this mare, she needs to gain weight and strength still. So happy she will be with Engel Creams to recuperate and enjoy the spring!! This picture is while taking a break from transport, about half way.

Idaho Ivy Got a Ticket to Ride

Thank you, Warhorse Ranch Transport!!!

Idaho Ivy is takin' a bus ride! She is hittin' the road! Warhorse Ranch Transport has been AMAZING! and we cannot thank you enough for helping us with Idaho Ivy.

Here is our story:

WarhorseRT picked up Idaho Ivy in Idaho originally in December, and when she went down on the trailer, they took ever precaution to make sure the mare's health and safety were the priority! If any of you have read our updates, you know the long recovery Ivy has gone through. She has been held in medical recovery from December through April (often as critical) and was only strong enough to travel now. In steps WarhorseRT again! Are you amazed yet? This mare is a high risk, high stress, medically expensive draft horse. WarhorseRT has taken EVERY single care possible with her - ABOVE and BEYOND!  We cannot thank you enough for helping us get her closer to her recovery home. THANK YOU!

I sincerely recommend Warhorse Ranch Transport for the safety of your horse! Contact them at: