Microchips are the most permanent form of identification for your equines and companion pets ~ to make sure they always come home.


The Best Products at the Best Prices!

MEERS offers quality microchips at a great price, with FREE LIFETIME registry, and this product helps support the American Cream Draft Horse (see how below)!

Permanent identification is critical for your horse or pet as proof of ownership and for registration purposes. Microchipping is the BEST way to ensure your pet is returned to you following theft/recovery, loss, natural disaster, etc.

Microchips are the best and most reliable way to identify an equine and make sure they can be returned to their owner. Think of those times that the fence is down and you do not hear about it for hours. How far could your horses go? Will they be returned to you by looks alone? Have peace of mind - microchip your horses today.

Registering your equine's microchip is the ONLY way to ensure your horse can be returned to you if ever there is the need. Please keep your registry information up-to-date! It is critical.

  • Microchips are 134.2 kHz ISO standard, accepted internationally, and read by a universal scanner
  • FREE LIFETIME Registration
  • Accessible to you online 24/7
  • Add special instructions: medication, photos, veterinarian information, alternative contact, etc...
  • Free transfers if ownership changes
  • Participation in the universal pet look-up tool
  • Add additional pets under your same account registry
  • and MORE...

Microchips can be purchased as individual chips, as well as in small to larger lots. Contact us for information.


How does your purchase of a microchip help a Cream?

With every chip sold, money goes directly into the MerEquus Equine Rescue Kindness and Microchipping Programs! This will help ensure that every Cream that comes into the Rescue with get the vet care needed and get a microchip to make sure they will NEVER be lost again! You are helping to SAVE their LIFE by passing on a little bit of love through your PURCHASE of a MICROCHIP!

American Creams and Microchips

The vast majority of American Cream Drafts found in auctions cannot be positively identified. With a vision to make sure no more Creams would be lost, coupled with support and initial sponsorship by Claire Rierson (grandson of C.T. Rierson, one of the driving forces behind the development of the American Cream breed in the 1930's), the ACDHA now has a Microchipping Program that promotes microchipping all Creams so that not a single one is lost. Participation is the key!

MEERS has partnered with Found Animals Registry for your animals protection

Every lost pet deserves to be found. Visit the Found Animals Registry to register your pet's microchip and learn about the free services offered.


Our microchip service is a participant in the universal pet look up tool, which is a search engine to help bring your pet home. What does this mean to you? If someone finds your animal and they scan for a chip, they do not have to guess which company to call to get the owner information. Several companies (but not all)participate in the Pet Look-up Tool. This is an added layer of protection for your pet.

   "Found Animals Microchip Registry is a  free , non-profit service dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families." 


"Found Animals Microchip Registry is a free, non-profit service dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families." 

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